Video Advertisement Technology

World's first patented video fade out technology

JMG Video Technology -  Fadeout

Video Advertisement

This technology can either compliment your current preroll advertising revenue or completely replace annoying prerolls.

  • Does not disturb a users video experience
  • CTR's between 4-8%
  • CPM's double that of preroll
  • Provides advertisers with high engagement
  • Advertisement duration can be tailored
  • Advertisement timing can be tailored

Official Actual Patent Page   |   Fadeout sample

Promote and sell your content.

Goodio is a mobile and desktop technology that enables users to do the following:

  • Watch your favorite video channels
  • Promote your content
  • Sell your content


Goodio for Andorid      Goodio for iOS      Goodio for Windows 8

JMG Technology - Goodio