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Jolted Media Group

JMG, also known as Jolted Media Group is formerly known as Jokeroo Entertainment as of early 2009. JMG oversees one of the largest entertainment properties on the web, Jokeroo.com. The company collectively receives well over 25 million unique visitors in a single month and contains a database of over 5 million email subscribers. Originally founded on the basis of email marketing, JMG has expanded to become one of the largest media companies online.

Future projects include jolted.ca, bethecook.com, gwom.com, and many more.

Our History

Originally founded in year 2000 on the premise of trying to control those spammy forwards we saw in our email everyday, two kids from high school decided to put together Jokeroo. With the desire to control the annoying email forwards, Jokeroo emerged as a destination for funny jokes, funny pictures, greeting cards and eventually evolved into funny online video. Typically, it all started in Math class and became a work of art from their basements. Eight years later, Jokeroo transformed into JMG with over 10 employees, an office in the heart of downtown Toronto, and an investor from Seattle. Today we are known as Jolted Media Group or JMG.

Chris Pavlovski

Chris PavlovskiCEO & FounderBlog: Churn.ca - Stock Picks | Twitter: Follow him on Twitter

Chris Pavlovski is one of the founders of Jokeroo and is currently the acting Chief Executive Officer of JMG.

Chris has over 10 years of online advertising & marketing experience. At JMG Chris has worked with companies including but not limited to Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Virgin Mobile, Lionsgate, Coors, and Red Bull. During his tenure at JMG, Chris has been responsible for generating annual sales in the millions. Prior to JMG, Chris worked for Microsoft Corporation, a world leader in computer software development. His studies included Economics and Computer Science at University of Toronto.

In the past few years, Chris has made strides in foreign business. One of which is known as Cosmic Development, a software IT and consultancy firm located in the region of Macedonia. With over 40 employees in Macedonia, Cosmic is quickly becoming one of the most successful IT firms in the small little eastern European nation.

Chris sits on the junior board of Macedonia 2025. He also sits on the board of Second Layer and a charity named Every Day Child.